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A lifelong fascination with human behavior drives me to pursue my passions of psychology and photography. I share the intersection with you on this very site. 

Through photography I have found myself capturing protests, weddings, shy smirks, unexpected tears, and more "once in a life-time" experiences than I can list. With my camera, I explore the dynamics of our social relationships fueled by conflict or love, and create art while doing so. 

In psychology, I mount an experimental lens to investigate various topics in social psychology and affective science. My research explores topics of intergroup relations, political action, and emotion regulation , which through photojournalism I have observed in numerous protests and rallies across Toronto and NYC. 


As I progress through my career, I plan to make a home in psychology, but decorate it with photography. I hope you enjoy a look through my eyes, as I explore the duality of my passions, one frame at a time. 


- Ali

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